Taking a look at the psychological toll of company building and the lifeline of support coaching can provide.


Coaching is popular for entrepreneurs for a key reasons, including helping with anxiety, improving critical thinking and saving crucial time and money.

Reason 1: The stigma around failure, stress and anxiety

11 Tips for establishing your goals for networking, forging new connections, and finding value in the online world.

The low down on productivity hacks, tools & processes; best practices and the tools I rely on in my life & business.

i) Productivity, hacks, tools & processes.

How to understand values and the implications they can have in your career & life overall.

What are values?

What is a personal mission statement, why you (do) need one and how to craft yours.

i) What is a personal mission statement

The low down on risk, equity, wearing many hats, and the lifestyle implications of working for startups at their various stages of evolution.

Ever wondered if you should go freelance? Exploring what that means exactly, how to decide if its right for you and a case study with marketing freelancer Liz Spears, about her own journey.


What is a freelancer?

The types of career goals you need; distinguishing between Outcome and Process goals and making your goals SMART.

What makes for a meaningful career goal?

3 different types of skills you need to know about, and how to assess yours, especially when changing career path.

Functional Skills

Exploring how people who’ve turned their love into money made it happen and whether the same is possible for you.

Ellen Kate Donnelly

Founder & Chief Coach @ The Ask | Design your entrepreneurial path around you |

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